Saturday, September 26, 2015

What I Done Seen!

Until tonight the types of animals I had seen in Girdwood were limited to:

A whole bunch of DOGS
A single CAT
A BEAR named Edwaldo
A lot of CROWS
Several MOOSE
And a few CHIPMUNKS here and there. 

But tonight the count went from 9 to 10. Because I saw something extraordinary!!! As I was driving home from visiting with my darling fiancée, I saw through the rain a most unusual specimen.

Now I need to preface this - I am not joking or lying.

And I have seen many things in my life - CHUPACABRA, an EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL TYRANNOSAURUS REX, even had encounters with the WEEDUNO a creature I THOUGHT I had made up!!!

But tonight I saw it. The one thing I had not seen. Tonight I saw SASQUATCH. Yep. Not joking. Not lying. This isn't a story. This is for real and now the world thinks I am crazy. Possible interview to come(?). It is entirely possible that the Bigfoot I saw was in fact a shadow, but more investigation is required.

I'm almost certain of what I saw! What do you folks think? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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