Friday, September 25, 2015

DBZ: Heritage Pitch

Since the early 2000s, I have heard rumor upon rumor of an epic live action Dragonball Z movie. Word of a two and a half hour runtime coupled with fan theories on casting and lots of fan art through the years have kept this dream alive in my mind and today, I submit a bit of an idea to you, my loyal readers.

Currently, the rights to a live action Dragonball Z movie reside at Twentieth Century Fox (or as I like to affectionately refer to them as the place good ideas go to die). They made a terrible attempt at a live action film with Dragon Ball Evolution, but as many of my readers and just about everyone with a brain can attest, that movie was the pinnacle of crap, its only saving grace being James Marsters, who MADE THEM PAINT HIM GREEN as Piccolo. Anyway, that's not really the point. Here it is:

No small studio can do Dragonball Z justice. We all have to sacrifice scope, adventure or special effects in some way or another, but none of us can really capture the full essence of the original manga and anime on our own.

Attempts by Robot Underdog and K&K Productions have yielded some success, but lacked the full epic grandeur of the source material.

And the big studios seem to refuse to do it justice. So where does that leave us?

Project Genki Dama: DBZ Heritage
One small studio alone can't fully capture the awesomeness of DBZ, BUT together, the Dragonball fan community can! By teaming up to share ideas, talent and funding, we can create the Dragonball Z film we've always dreamt of!!

The way we accomplish this is to work together! We here at Red7 Entertainment will post polls and surveys each week for you to vote on. These will be the vehicle for deciding what this movie will be!

But your creativity is needed too! Send us an email at:
And give us ideas! Send fan art, story ideas and even script samples! Send us whatever you think should be a part of the movie and we'll post it to the site to be voted on by the Dragonball Fan Community!

Be sure to put the following information in your email:
1. The Subject of the email should be whatever type of contribution it is. If it's art, for example, then put 'Art.'
2. Include your name and any contact information so we can properly cite you and contact you for more if the community votes on your idea!

That's it! We'll post script updates and news on the project as we make them!

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