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Now before you get the wrong idea, it's not all about money. We're super stoked that you enjoy our content. That alone is enough to keep us happy. Sadly, it doesn't pay the bills. So we rely on support.

The most obvious way of supporting our content and helping us to stay afloat is by clicking ads. You probably see a few floating around the page. And if you don't for some reason (maybe your adblocker is enabled), you certainly see the two banners embedded below. We get microscopic fragments of money every time you guys clickety click those things and then buy stuff from our sponsors.

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But let's say you don't want to buy anything. You could always share our stuff on social media and spread the word about us around the internets, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and subscribe to our newsletter!

And finally, we come to the last way of showing your support. By becoming a full on Robster. By joining the Robsters, you agree to a monthly subscription in an amount of your choosing. This is totally optional. But you may get some secret stuff! So please consider joining today! It's really simple. Just choose your rank and click subscribe!

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