Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Customer Appreciation Party at La Bodega

Jaclyn works at a little shop called La Bodega. It's a really nice little store (I mentioned it in another post). But yesterday it did something unexpected! La Bodega held an awesome party for the customers and I had so much fun!

Brian, the owner of the shop (co-owner?) made caribou burgers and caribou chili. So freaking tasty. And he even hunted and slew the beast himself. Totally awesome. There was shrimp curry. There was stir fry that Jaclyn and I made! There was wine, beer and even a little Port at the end.

It was so much fun. We got to eat some really tasty whoopie pies. We even got to have some really nice conversation.

I really had fun. Doggonit. I should've gotten some pictures. Ah well.

I'll make more things. I'll make more posts. But for now, I have things to do.

See ya!

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