Monday, July 20, 2015

Eirvah and the Gray

In the world of Uruun-Seiir, there exist four realms:
The Otherlies
Phaios-Ghi (The Gray)
Maldat (The Netherlies)

Above these exists Umbhali in the Realm Eternal, which is called the Everlies. Now the Everlies exist outside of Uruun-Seiir and are therefore not subject to time or space or any such laws. But this post isn't about the Everlies, but about those middle realms: Eirvah and Phaios-Ghi, also called the Gray.

To put it simply, Eirvah and Phaios-Ghi are the same but opposites. Eirvah is the world with vibrancy and color - specifically the sacred color of Umbhali and the Seven Wisps. The Gray is the world devoid of such things. It is bleak and -- Gray.

In a way, you might call the two middle realms sisters. The one, Eirvah was born of life and the other, Phaios-Ghi born to death. The two were formed in the sixth age at the dividing of the worlds after the Great War of the Sakriark. As it is written:

"And so came the end of the Great War with tumult and fire. And all the world burned and the sky shook and the whole of it divided and rent in two - the one for the dawn; the second for the dusk. And all the world wondered as some were sent to darkness and others to the light of morning."
-Annals of the Sixth Age and the Dhalmir Kuri

I must mention here at this juncture that moving between Eirvah and Phaios-Ghi is no simple feat. And only death may move a soul to the Otherlies or to Maldat - the way to the former being Eirvah and the latter being Phaios-Ghi.

Everything else is a mystery that no one knows. 

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