Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Cold of Winter

So my proposal to Jaclyn was one that I can only describe as a misfire. I spent three solid weeks trying to build the anticipation, doing everything I could think of for her. Skiing, fancy dinners, movies, dancing, going on nice walks, humor, we even baked cookies and wrote Christmas cards. And then, on the day of my departure back to Seattle, I tried to make her laugh, I played with her, pretending to slay dragons (a reference that I'd made throughout the relationship that signified overcoming adversity) and then I brought her back to her apartment, read the Bible with her and got down on one knee and asked my darling to marry me.

                    (She is beautiful)

It wasn't the fairy tale I'd imagined. And it wasn't what she was expecting. Actually, though she said yes, it certainly wasn't filled with zeal and excitement as I hoped it would be. In fact, we bounced between answers, but I was confident that she'd say yes. And now, five months later, we're planning our wedding!

So what was it that made things wonky at first? Was it nerves? Was it reluctance? Was it something else?

As we talked and sorted through it all, it turned out that it wasn't that we didn't know that we were destined to be together or anything like that. Jaclyn just always had a knack for making me squirm - and that's just what she was doing then.

    (She is adorable - and oft frustrating)

Anyway, she finally agreed and we're engaged! We're both excited and plans are going pretty smoothly. But the biggest obstacle is that we don't have a lot of time to see one another. I have only seen her twice since last October and once since we got engaged. It can be stressful, but we believe it'll all be worth it in the end. 

By the way! If you'd like to contribute to our honeymoon and/or wedding fund, follow the link below! 

Thanks for the support!

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