Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Quick Message from Robby!

Dear Readers,
Life has a way of making us ask questions. Something about wonder and mystery are powerful things. Why is the sky blue? Why did Fred the Seal try to eat me? And of course this biggest question of all: WHERE THE HECK HAS ROBBYMONROE BEEN?!
Well, we’ve been away. You may have noticed like one post in the past year or so. And I’ll be the first to admit that being so sporadic is totally bogus. Why would we abandon all our readers for so long? Here’s the thing - we didn’t have much to say. Plus google shut us down for months. So that was super lame.
But we’re back now. So that’s nice.
Over the next few weeks, we will be getting our act together. We promise that we aren’t gonna vanish again anytime soon. At least not intentionally.
You can look forward to all the stuff you’ve come to expect from the website:
Poetry; Stories; Editorials; Videos
But we have some other cool stuff coming your way too. Stuff like:
Comics; Pictures; Puzzles/Games; Coloring Pages; much much more!!!
We are for real getting ready to bring you awesome content on the daily! And we plan to start bringing you this content starting NOVEMBER 1st!
So don’t go away! Take a look at some of our old posts! Watch our videos! And prepare for the awesome new content we’re about to bring to you!
See you guys soon.
-Robby Monroe

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