Tuesday, July 19, 2016

McHugh Creek (Part 1)

A few months back, Jaclyn and I headed to McHugh Creek to do a little hiking. It was nice. I found some Moose Dookie and went hunting for Sasquatch. But lately I am afraid that my old ally in the woods has fallen on hard times. You see, there has been a terrible tragedy in his lands. A huge 500 acre wildfire has recently broken out among the trees, likely destroying his home along with a ton of other creaturely abodes.

Jaclyn and I can smell the smoke from home (which is over 25 miles away). The air in Girdwood is hazy and the roads are shut down. It's miserable. We're trapped here like the Romans a couple thousand years ago.

I recently made this video when I was there. It was a really fun trip and I'm genuinely saddened by the fires that are destroying it.

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