Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blu Shell Ranking Guide (Website Edition)

Our rebranding continues and today we have some Blu Shell news. We now have scores to grant to the various things we review. It should be self evident as to what they each mean, but just the same, we've included some helpful captions to guide you along as we work on making the site more accessible!

The absolute highest rank possible. A movie, comic, book, album etc. needs to be nearly flawless to achieve this ranking.

Excellent. If something has an A ranking, it deserves your attention, because it's boss.

Above average. If something is ranked in the B category, it'll be good with some flaws, but still enjoyable.

Average. Nothing too special. If you see this, we recommend passing on it until you can get it at a discount.

Pretty lousy. Don't bother unless a friend lends it to you or you happen upon it for free (legally of course).

Terrible. Don't waste your time. The lowest of the low.

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