Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rebranding for 2016

Lately I've been working on making the website and YouTube channel more consistent with one another. Now, after several less than stellar design choices and lots of trial and error, I can unveil the final branding style for 2016. Below is a video along with a quick guide to all the new brands on the YouTube channel.

The brand new slate of shows for 2016.

Theology and Bible study: We'll explore topics like Soteriology, Christology and look deeper into those genealogies.

We're gonna review all sorts of media that is made for nerds. Comics? Check. Movies? Check. Video Games? Check

This is our audio show. If we produce music, sermons or podcasts, you'll find them here.
All the news and updates will have this label on them. This isn't really a show or serial, so it's not in our slate above.
We've finally decided to make it official and brand all our sketches. Wooing the Womans, Gentleman's Guide, Dish Washed and more will live here.

This will be the series with the most videos by far. I'll talk about my adventures in Alaska, my life in general and what my first year of marriage brings. It's the best way to get to know me a little better. It'll probably be vloggyROBBY where I attempt new filming styles and get experimental too. And I'll always post previews for upcoming sketches here too.

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