Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DBZ: Heritage Opening Scene (Repost)

DBZ: Heritage



Ambient music swells as we fade from black to reveal water flowing down a sewer grate. It is nighttime. Our scene is lit only by the pale glow of moonlight. Camera tilts upward to reveal a large glass building with the Capsule Corps logo near the top. We are clearly in a big city. We see the feint reflection of two flashes of light in the distance surging toward each other. The one on the left is red. The one on the right is purple. They collide. Burst of white and red and purple energy and light. A bubble of sheer energy. Just as soon as it forms it erupts and the surges of light bounce away from each other. This continues at varying heights and distances. All we see are the reflections.

Suddenly, Vegeta and Goku enter the shot. Close up. Vegeta on the right. Goku on the left. They enter from the sides very quickly but--

SLO-MO: Goku is without his shirt. He has huge, defined muscles. Blue wrist bands. Blue martial arts style belt. Orange-red pants. Vegeta wears Saiyan armor. It's both organic and mechanical. Like plants fused with robotics. Blue LEDs line his sleeves. He wears a sort of spandex chainmail, navy, beneath the armor. The armor itself is polished white. Similar to a pearl. The mechanical bits are just under the diaphragm - gold/platinum colored plates, worn down - tarnished and faded, scratched and dented from a thousand battles. Rounded shoulder guards of the same metal. White gauntlets. Chainmail pants. Navy.

SLO-MO: Both fighters swing their right fists, intending to land a solid punch to their opponent's face. The rain seems frozen in the air. Droplets burst as their fists sail through the air. This is no reflection. Contact.

Long shot. Speed up. Burst of light. The red and purple become orange. The fighters sail backward. They're just blips at this distance. Everything else has faded to black. Burst of light fades to a Dragon Ball (one star). Title appears.

Subtitle: Heritage.

Heavy drums. Industrial.

Dragon Ball flies at the screen. Cut to...

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