Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chronicles of the Snow Returns!

After nearly a decade, Chronicles of the Snow will be rereleased as a mini series here on!

Beginning September 01, Chronicles of the Snow will start showing up here on the best site in the whole World Wide Web!

The series was originally released back in 2006 as a seven part miniseries. The story centered on a nameless protagonist and his journey through an Apocalyptic wasteland as he sought to be reunited with his long lost love.

The series will be released weekly for seven weeks beginning September 01 with new chapters arriving every Tuesday until October 13 with the final installment landing on October 16.

Plans to release a hard copy of the story have floated around Xi Studios since the original release, but as of this posting, no official word or release day for that has been announced.

The CotS page on this website will be the official hub for the story and all extras including image galleries, poems and extra information about characters and events in the story!

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