Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Rebranding Continues

We recently posted a video and pictures detailing our new look. We gave you a first look at the new series we're getting ready to pump out on YouTube and we promised a new look for the website to keep it consistent with the YouTube channel. Well we aren't quite ready to unveil that just yet, but we'd like to take a minute to talk about what's to come on YouTube.

First, we have a series on Genesis coming at ya from 3240 Ministries. We're going to start out with a pre-flood analysis which details the world from creation to the deluge. There's no telling how long that series will be, but it's the first of many. It's gonna be pretty intense, so get ready for that.

Blu Shell is going to be bringing you a tournament style review of all the Marvel movies to date, looking at everything in the MCU and determining what's the best movie in Phase One and in Phase Two leading up to the start of Phase Three, which begins with Captain America: Civil War.

I'm also working on a bunch of vloggyROBBY videos to show you guys my life in Alaska.

Sketchy is bringing some new Gentleman's Guide to Being American    There's a new Wooing the Woman's video on the way and a new show called Brothers in Charms as well.

With Podly, I'll have a brand new Girls Be Trippin' podcast and maybe even some new music. We're also going to start discussing the presidential candidates with as little bias as possible to help you decide which candidate you want for president.

For now, that's all there is to report on. Stay tuned. See ya!

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