Friday, September 4, 2015

Who is Elyriah? - The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir


Now Elyriah was created by Anculo as a nymph from the Myrriah trees in the south.*

And she was the mother of the Elven race, and her beauty exceeded that even of the rabomant and the morning star. Her daughters, Naiadiym, Dryadiym and Oreadae were later reckoned to be goddesses by the sons of men, for they bore the power to create life.

And Naiadiym created the rivers and the waters of Ferin Shook and gave them life.

And Dryadiym created the forests of Rheysh Mahriin and gave life to the flowers and trees.

And Oreadae created the mountains and gave song to the hills.

For before Elyriah and her daughters, no stream nor lake or pond existed in Ferin Shook. Neither were there any hills or mountains to be found and the forest country of Rheysh Mahriin was not to be found anywhere.

And Elyriah gave life to the seven Elven races and then came Ramnon.

And Naiadiym wore a pale blue gown and shimmered as the stars in heaven.
And Dryadiym wore a pale green gown and shimmered also as the stars.
And Oreadae was clothed with yellow and shimmered as the stars.

Now Elyriah was more beautiful than any other created thing, for Umbhali had given unto Anculo the gift of beauty for the purpose of making Uruun-Seiir desirable and enjoyable to the creatures who should call it home.

*Myrriah Trees - South - Anculo fashioned her from the trunk of one of them. Her hair being long and silky white and blue. 

Fall 2015. 

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