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Who and What are the Reapers? - The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir

The Reapers were mortal men lured to the top of Halo Mountain at the beginning of the Sixth Age by Fengari. They fought and slew Father Time, an immortal sorcerer named Ghiskin, and were cursed to bear his burden, the vastly powerful Sakriark. They will ever age and decay as all mortal men, but they will never die. In fact, they cannot be killed by anyone save another of the Reapers. They first grow old. Then they develop long beards and eventually their skin becomes extremely sensitive to light and sun. Their flesh burns off and their form becomes skeletal. They are forced to wear cloaks and their immortality is kept in the pendants they wear around their necks.

The pendants can only be removed by one of the other Reapers.

No Reaper may remove his own pendant.

If a Reaper loses his pendant, he is subject to death by the other Reapers.

A Reaper cannot die unless another Reaper removes his pendant before inflicting a fatal wound or within one minute of inflicting a fatal wound.

The Reaper who removes another Reaper's pendant will inherit all his power and life energy. He will bear that Reaper's burden from that moment onward.

As the Reapers age, they become more dangerous. If they are in their young form, they may simply fight as very powerful warriors. If they are in their old man forms, they are less in control of their actions and will more easily and readily kill. In their skeletal form, simply a touch is enough to fell any mortal.

If a Reaper kills a mortal before that mortal's appointed time to die, the Reaper will absorb that mortal's remaining years and age backward no further than the age he was when he became a Reaper in the first place.

If a Reaper is in his skeletal form, he may escape it by killing enough mortals.

The closer a Reaper gets to his skeletal form, the more volatile he becomes, losing control of his thoughts and descending into madness.

The Reapers lived through countless years before the Great War of the Clans broke out, leading to the eventual death of Belock Cahlin.

The Reaper's life energy as well as tremendous power was directly ties to the Sakriark, Fengari's counterfeit Hahbiid.

The six first Reapers were:
1. Belock Cahlin - Gold
2. Preimor Monkiru - Silver
3. Kitze - Red
4. Kitzu - Blue
5. Kinto - Black
6. Genre - White

75 years after the death of Belock, a young boy named Telic Tsulo found his pendant and became the second Gold Reaper.

In the sixth Dhalmir, during the eventual confrontation with Fengari (who was called Shadow in those days), Telic took on all the other Reaper's pendants and powers and absorbed the Sakriark into himself. His newfound power proved too little to stand against Fengari, however and the villain killed him, taking the Sakriark back and destroying the power of the Reapers, bringing about the end of the sixth age.

Arusni Thycon comes to fight against Fengari in the sixth Dhalmir after Telic's death. Arusni has the entire power of the Hahbiid within his being, and he is able to deal a few minor wounds to Fengari, but he is overwhelmed and Fengari barely manages to kill him. It is at this point that Fengari realizes that he must muster more power if he is to carry out his supreme goal, which has remained a mystery since the First Age. 

Over five hundred years have passed since the War of the Sixth Dhalmir. And now a girl with purple eyes has been spotted in Eirvah! Could she possess the Sacred Spirit of Phau? Could this signal the return of Ruhan and the end of the age? Time will tell!

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