Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Languages and Tongues of Uruun-Seiir

I have long been a student of languages. I just really love learning about the different ways that people communicate across the world.

During my years as an undergrad student, I studied Ancient Greek (κοινή). It was the language used to write the Bible - the common Greek of the day. Basically it was the vernacular rather than the formal, Classical Greek used in other Ancient writings.

In high school, I studied Japanese and German with a little Latin peppered in for good measure and I've studied the ancient versions of English for a number of years as well.

So when I came to the task of writing my stories and books, I knew that I wanted to create my own language. But when I started thinking about the various regions of the world I was building inside my story, I knew that variations in the language would certainly occur and that new languages would be born over time.

So that's what happened. I began with a single language and moved forward with it, creating subtle changes and variations along the way until a new language formed and I assigned these languages to varying regions of the world I had built.

Here is a brief list of a few of the languages that I created in my book:

Ghrellick also called Goblin-Speak, this was the language spoken by Goblins.

Shura also called Tikuran, this is the language spoken by the Harahi (Karaki) in the west.

Koetan is spoken by the seafaring nation which eventually found its end.

Okan (Herik) is the Glyphic Okan language of Oka.

Okan (Furin) is the Runic Okan language of Oka.

Kriyin is the language of the Regal Elves of Rheysh Mahriin.

Sulieri is the language of the Elementals of Suli, the children of the Keepers of the Hahbiid.

Ekotian is the language of Eko in the far west.

Elyrian is the common tongue of the elves.

Each language possesses its own rules and symbols as well as grammar conventions and sounds. If you want to learn about these languages, you'll find brief entries on them in the Appendices of my upcoming book series The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir.

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