Monday, September 7, 2015

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I try to create at least one blog post every day. It isn't very difficult. I never really know when to shut up. I just rattle on and on. But what happens when I have nothing of value to say?

Idle words are bad. We shouldn't just talk to talk. On the other hand, my words are meant to entertain. Especially given that I am trying to make a living at this one day, I need to be blogging.

I could tell you guys about the time I got car jacked by a cop. I could tell you about the crazies at any of my many places of employment. I could keep giving you guys ridiculous lists to laugh at. Maybe all of the above?

Anyway, it's more fun to give everyone an option on how they'd like to get tired of me. So I'm working on more episodes of Vloggy Robby, daily blog posts and even an audio podcast exclusive to this site (check it out on the Podly page).

What sort of things are you guys interested in? I have deduced that it isn't commenting (as pretty much none of you ever do it). But for real, give me some feedback!

I want to make this blog better and better. Help me to do that!

Anyway, enough of that for now. I have to go write another 7-9 posts for the day.

See ya!

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