Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jack Sprat Review

Jack Sprat could eat no fat. 
His wife could eat no lean.
Between the two they licked the platter clean.

And it's no wonder. Jack Sprat of Girdwood is one of Jaclyn and my favorite places to eat. The dining experience is above and beyond anything else in the area. And honestly, it's better than most of the stuff we've had anywhere.

Jaclyn and I have lived in GA, WA and AK (between the two of us - she didn't live in WA). And I dare say this is easily in our top ten favorite dining establishments ever. And we've lived elsewhere too, but not since we started dating three years ago. 

I really love the ribeye, but I also just discovered a new favorite - the delicious Dol Sap Bibinbap (I probably butchered the spelling). It's a blend of rice, fried egg, sea weed, pork and other tasty things. It also has cabbage, which I'm not too keen on, but Jaclyn likes well enough to swipe it from me.

We also really love the hummus nachos. With hummus, olives, tomatoes and more, it's one of the best app dishes we've had.

But by far my favorite dish at Jack Sprat is bacon wrapped dates. So good!!! Words don't really do justice to how amazing they are. Six on a plate. Tiny bite sized morsels of heaven.

And then we end our trips to Sprat with a slice of chocolate cake or pana cotta and an almond milk mocha.

The staff is amazing too. Just about everyone knows us by name and always greets us with want smiles and sunny dispositions. We love it.

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