Monday, September 14, 2015

I've Been Writing

I am busy and hard at work writing A Sacred Journey this week, so you guys haven't heard much from me.

I know, that doesn't sit well with you. And I'm sorry. But I'm still here. I just don't want to let inspiration go to waste. And I'm excited to say that at this rate, I should be finished with this volume within the week (or maybe by the start of October at the latest).

So here is my goal - to finish A Sacred Journey before I go back to GA to get married! So I've got my hands full with that for the next few days.

But I'll still make it a point to post.

And I'm sorry - I know I missed Chronicles of the Snow this week AND my Genesis Bible Study as well. I have both of those things for you, I just haven't gone to get wifi to upload them (I'll explain how that works separately).

Alright. See ya. 

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