Monday, September 14, 2015

How I Blog

How many of you are curious about how I blog? I am aware that I am your favorite blogger. Seeing as how I make all the most entertaining stuff, I figured you guys would like to know my method.

I post in either of two ways:
1. The most common way I post is from my Blogger App here on my Apple iPhone (not a sponsor). I just type stuff and send it to the webosphere.
2. The less common, but just as important way I make posts is that I use my computer to create documents (or comics) and then I save them and upload them when I get wifi.

For bigger posts, I use the computer (either a Sony Vaio or an Apple iMac - not sponsors). 

Chronicles of the Snow and my Bible studies are computer posts.

Bloggy Robby and most of my lists are App posts. Get it?

That's my secret. And I try to normally post several times a day. Just been a bit busy lately.

So that's it for now I suppose.

See ya.

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