Saturday, September 5, 2015

Community Name

Online communities have names. Rhett and Link have the Mythical Beasts (I am one). The Vlog Brothers have Nerdfighters (I am one). Cutie Pie has Marzipans (two out of three ain't bad).

Anyway, what are we gonna be called? Leave your suggestions in the comments and whatever gets both my attention and the most likes will be the new name for our little community. Rob-Bots? Monronians? What are we called?

And before you get all surged and in a twist, we aren't starting a cult or a religion. We're starting a community. YouTube has YouTubers (I am one). Facebook has everyone (I am one). MySpace has Tom (two out of three ain't bad?).

Hey! Cool! I used the same joke twice in one post! Love me now! Please! I crave attention.

See ya. 

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