Monday, September 7, 2015

#Blacklivesmatter: 4 Reasons This is Racist Garbage

I keep seeing this:
For months on end, this hash tag has been nigh ubiquitous. And you know what? I agree.

Hash tag black lives do matter.

But here's the thing - I think it's supremely racist and closed minded to plaster this on everything. Here are four reasons.

4. We Shouldn't Need to Declare That Black Lives Matter.
The declaration that black lives matter implies that no one really believes that they matter outside the organization. It should be redundant. Of course they matter. Why wouldn't they? But that's not the real issue.

3. It Implies the Other Lives Don't Matter.
By telling us that Black Lives Matter, the group is essentially telling us that they don't care about other lives. Do Young Lives Matter? What about Unborn Lives? How about Police Lives? Innocent Lives?

These idiots just want to rally around something they don't understand. Black lives matter!!! Forget babies. Forget the people attacked by thugs. Forget 

2. It is Founded on Thugs.
I know. I am a huge racist. Despite the fact that I have been proclaiming that black lives matter, I am probably going to be labeled a racist. A hater. But here's the thing - the organization behind this phrase is built on the backs of black guys who died at the hands of police and other non-black citizens. That sucks, right?

Sure. As Olorin would say, "many who live deserve death and many who die deserve life. Can you give it to them?" But these guys, the kid from Ferguson, the kid in the George Zimmerman case etc. - these guys were thugs! Bullies! They attacked the men who killed them. They started fights they couldn't finish. And now our society has demonized men who defended themselves and venerated criminals.

1. It Accomplishes Exactly the Opposite of What It Sets Out To Accomplish. 
Black lives matter. That seems like a great slogan. The problem is, black lives aren't really a thing. Why should we point out the color of someone's skin? Because racism! Are the lives of the black community somehow different? Do I have a white life because my skin is pale? Do Hispanics have a brown life? Do Native Americans have red lives? Do Asians have yellow lives? See the problem. As soon as we start categorizing people according to the color of their skin, we start breeding hate.

Black lives matter. Okay. Who are you trying to convince here? Can't we just agree that life matters? And regardless of your skin color, we all share the same life?

And the only thing that truly sets us apart is the value we add by our lives. All lives matter, but who's to say that a black thug's life matters more than a white cop's life? Or that a white cop's life matters more than a black thug? Isn't life sacred enough to merit its value without labels?

And how easily do we forget God? His Son's life mattered. And the world murdered Him. But we don't go around sharing as we ought. And the funny thing is - He was innocent and died on our behalf. The hero of heroes. But instead we obsess over petty criminals. Maybe don't look to the right or to the left, but to the cross in the middle. For there were three hung that day: two criminals and God almighty. And one criminal was granted eternal pardon while the other scoffed. But the thieves aren't our focus. Jesus Christ is. If we mix that up, we have no hope. 

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