Monday, September 7, 2015

6 Ways to Make Money Blogging - #3 Will Change Your Life!!!

Do you want to make money blogging? Of course you do! I mean who doesn't?! Well you're in luck! Here are 6 Steps to Make Money Blogging!

6. Consistent Content is a Must!
You're not going to make any money posting one or two article a week. You need to post a lot. Like non-stop. I recommend no less than 8-10 a day! That's what I do. And you know what? It works.

Since I increased my daily output to 8-10 posts a day, I have seen an increase in profitability of roughly 6,000,000%. That is not a joke or an exaggeration.

Over a three week period, here were my stats (using variables instead of my actual numbers since that would violate Google's terms and conditions).

Week 1: I had a profitability of X.
Week 2: I had a profitability of y where y=260X!
Week 3: 233y.

That's an estimated growth of 6 Million Percent!!!

I am not making this up! But here's the thing: having those numbers doesn't mean making that much money. I still haven't broken my relatively low personal goal and I may not for some time. Profitability doesn't always mean cash in the pocket, but it does mean a better chance at cash. And that brings me to the next step ...

5. Pictures!
People are visual. That's just a fact. Most folks would rather look at a visual interface with pretty pictures and icons rather than raw code and MSDOS.

The same is true for your blog. You need to load that bad boy up with pictures. But not just any pictures will do. Nope. You need some pictures of things people will care about that are relevant to your post.

For instance, maybe don't post this:
If your post is about the best Chinese buffet in town.

4. Pick a Topic You're Familiar With.
I post about everything. Why? Because I know everything. You don't though, so the best solution for you is to pick a topic you know about and write about that.

If you like comic book movies and you know a lot about them, maybe write about that. Don't try to be all political if you don't know the difference between liberals and communists (assuming there is a difference).

Don't just go after the current news headlines. That's just going to make your blog seem lame.

3. Click Bait!
The best way to ensure hits is to simply be a shameless click baiter. It sucks and it feels like the grimy depths of the Internet, but it is what it is and what it is is effective.

Notice my title? I told you something that got you to click on this and maybe even to skip over the actual copy and simply skim the headlines. But I don't care. You opened my post, and that's all I was trying to accomplish!

Click bait is always a titles game. Play the title correctly and you'll have all the sillies on the interwebs clickety clicking away. And clicks mean money. 

Like a fool playing me in Duel Monsters, you fell for my trap! And now, I don't care whether you stay or not. Except ...

2. Subscriber Services Are Crucial.
If you really want the hits and the money, you need to implement some sort of subscription service. Your website is going to struggle if you don't have an email list to mail your posts to people. This will ensure that a steady and constant audience always sees your posts.

It's best to start with family and friends. Spam the heck out of them! Most of them won't report you and you can keep on doing it! And the best part is, you can even harass them about looking at your latest blog post on why Halle Berry was a better Catwoman than Michelle Pfifer or Anne Hathaway.

I do this myself. In fact, I have made it super easy to subscribe by putting a little field for your email address right there on the left hand side of your screen! Just type your email address in, verify and voila! It's super easy. Give it a try so you'll have a good idea of how to better serve your readers!

1. Make a Bunch of Lists.
The facts are the facts. People don't care about much if it isn't presented as a list. I don't make those rules. I just live by them. And the simple truth is that I could've easily created an essay about blogging, but you wouldn't be reading it. You'd be skipping. But the list game is part of retention and it's part of the click bait.

Make a list, tell people you made a list. That's it. And make it interesting.

Now put all the pieces of the puzzle together. What have I done?

1. I created a list and used it in my title.
2. I selected one entry on my list and made the promise that it would change your life, blow your mind, break your heart etc.
3. I added a picture of a cute dog that Google will use in the thumbnail.
4. I chose a topic you'd be interested in: easy money - because people are lazy.
5. I explained in a fairly thorough way how to achieve this goal so that you will perhaps share my post with friends.
6. I gave you instructions on how to subscribe to my blog.

That's that. Go make money.

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