Thursday, August 27, 2015

Superman IV Review

Superman IV The Quest for Peace is easily one of the most embarrassing pieces of nerd culture ever put to celluloid. But is it all bad? Let's review!

The film opens with a group of Cosmonauts in outer space and one of them is singing. Stuff goes wrong, Superman saves the day. Typical stuff, but apparently Supes can speak Russian now!

Skip ahead a little bit and we learn that the Daily Planet has been bought out by a tabloid mogul. The planet is in chaos (get it?).

Some kid decides to ask Superman to rid the world of nuclear weapons, which he does (to the sound of roaring applause). It makes very little sense and begs the question: if all these nations are so eager to be rid of the weapons, why does Superman have to do it?

Lex Luthor returns with a really dumb scheme. He wants a million dollars, so he steals Superman's hair, grows an embryo from it, puts it with the weapons that Superman hurls into the sun and it somehow creates this thing:

The battle commences and they end up fighting on the moon and a few other locations. It is really stupid.

Some of the ridiculous things in this movie:
--Superman rebuilds the Great Wall of China with his eyes;
--Superman kisses away Lois's memory;
--They use the same flight animation over and over;
--Nuclear Man's fingernails. 

That's enough. This movie sucks. Here's the report card:

1 Star

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