Thursday, August 13, 2015

Real or Rubbish: Dragons

From China to Europe, DRAGONS have captivated imaginations since the dawn of man. But do giant, fire-breathing reptiles with wings really guard hoards of treasure? Do they really have diamond-hard scales?

Plenty of credible sources from the days of yore indicate seeing dragons. Cristobol Cologne (Christopher Columbus for you newbs) recorded both dragons and UFOs. Marco Polo saw dragons during his trip to the continent of Asia. And perhaps most notably, God talked about dragons and even put them in His book!

So that settles it right? Dragons are obvi real totes for boats, right? Maybe not. In the case of Marco Polo, he was a known teller of tall tales who liked to exaggerate. Cristobol? He was a villain (I'll post an article about him soon enough). So maybe they weren't as lucid as we hoped. But surely God would know!

Well here's the thing: the term dragon only appears in Revelation and it's a metaphor. BUT we do see the clearest evidence of dragon existence in Job when God tells him (Job) to quit whining and check out the sick water dragon over there.

Leviathan is described as a freaking sea beast with diamond hard scales, glowing eyes and the ability to breathe fire! For a better description look at Job 41. Ya know, when GOD describes the thing as pretty much unstoppable in combat.

Anyway, other than Leviathan, do we have a candidate for dragons? Maybe. Dinosaurs only got that name in the late 19th Century. And since they were huge reptiles, maybe the concepts we have for dragons are composites! Who knows. I'm only speculating.

That's it today.


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