Thursday, August 27, 2015

Partner with us!

We're always looking for new ways to expand and to make improvements. We've already launched a few of the upgrade we mentioned in our more recent posts, but there is a brand new opportunity!

We'd much rather feature ads from people we care about. It makes the whole thing more like an online community and less like a place for you to see ads from big businesses.

So that got us thinking. We have space. You have advertising needs. We can work together!

So here's the deal. The website is live 24/7. We get pretty good traffic. And we push new content everyday.

That means people will see your adverts daily. So what does that look like on a practical level?

Here's what we can work together to do:

Become a Sponsor: We'll include a banner image at the front of posts that you sponsor. That means that every time someone reads our post, you get exposure! $5/post.

Featured Advertiser: We'll create an ad that will link to your website (or wherever you want) and place it in one of three prime locations: Right Sidebar; Left Sidebar; Top Banner. These ads will run for one full month before being cycled out.
Right: $25/month (2 slots available)
Left: $27/month (2 slots available)
Top: $32/month (1 slot available)

Weekly Post Ad: The best option. We'll post an article featuring your ad exclusively!! We only have 6 of these available, so you best jump on it!
Single Ad: $12 (1 ad)
Two Weeks: $22 (2 ads)
Full Month: $40 (4 ads)
Half-Year: $225 (24 ads)
Year: $450 (50 ads)
Daily: $3,000 (360 ads BEST DEAL)

Sponsor a Podcast: The podcast (Podly with Robby Monroe) hasn't launched yet, but we're gathering sponsors. We've broken the show into segments, which will be announced soon. But we do have 3 commercial breaks. The first will be before the show starts, the second will be halfway through and the last one will e at the end. There are a total of three slots available during the mid point and one at the beginning and one at the end for five total slots. 
Slot 1: $15
Slot 2: $10
Slot 3: $10
Slot 4: $10
Slot 5: $7

We can't do this without you! And we want to continue to improve and create awesome content for everyone to enjoy! Join with us!

Got nothing to advertise? Become a contributor! A one time donation or a monthly donation - both are greatly appreciated! Thank you guys so much!

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