Saturday, August 29, 2015

AM I HERE? The Complete Quicksilver Epitaph Collection

Twelve years of song writing and contemplation end this winter. Quicksilver Epitaph's final songbook, Endsong is set to release on December 23 and with it the complete collection of 98 songs and poems plus two bonus songs.

The band first released Alone on December 23, 2003 and enjoyed critical acclaim for their innovative lyrical style. Twelve years later, they will release their final set of poetry and close that chapter.

"For over a decade, we've been blessed to write dirges, requiems and songs of hope for a generation that really doesn't have hope. It's been a journey, and we've definitely enjoyed it, but it's time to close the door and move on. I feel really confident in ending our journey this winter. It's been a good run, but as with all good things, this too must end."

The band originally formed in 2003 as a song writing duo who produced songbooks in lieu of conventional albums. All their poems and songs had rhythms, beats and tunes, but they rarely released any recorded work, opting instead to remain a strictly lyrical group.

As of this posting, there is no plan for any recorded work from the group.

Following the end of QSE, Robby Monroe, the band's primary writer, formed an electronica dance duo with Olivia Gish called MUSiC. A freshman album from the group will be titled Beauty & the Beats. With an immediate follow up titled Living to Die; Dying to Live. The new band's sound has been called a blast from the past reminiscent of 90s video game tunes. Three albums are currently set to drop back to back with no plans beyond that. The final installment will be titled Delirium-um-um. 

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