Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Violent Infinity

It is with great joy and excitement that I can announce the first edition of The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir: A Violent Infinity for release this fall!

The book follows a group of young heroes through the land of Eirvah in the days before the calamity from beyond the stars comes to end the world.

Join Chloe, Tiffes, Katfiera, Kinoah Carmen, Lavender Periwinkle, Rhythm and Blues as they find their place in the annals of history! 

When Chloe Burke is whisked away from her humble home at 152 West Charmin Drive, she is immediately thrust into a world like nothing she's ever seen before! Some want to protect her. Some want to kill her. The one thing they all have in common? They are fixated on her purple eyes!

About this edition:
I received a contract with Harper Collins earlier this year. I reviewed and signed it and I've been in limbo ever since. Upon reviewing the contract again last week, it became clear that printing and publishing rights were non-exclusive permitted that I not submit the work to another traditional publishing house.
What that means is that I am free to publish this book myself or to print and distribute it as I see fit until the HC version is released publicly. Don't worry. I confirmed my assessment with a quick phone call to the publisher.

After getting all the facts, and enacting a part of my partnership with Amazon, I will be pre-releasing the book for my loyal readers at a discounted rate for a limited time!

You can get your copy this fall, so don't miss out!!

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