Friday, August 21, 2015

A Violent Infinity Coming Very Soon!

It's coming pretty soon, folks! The exclusive pre-release edition of A Violent Infinity! It's got some special features that won't appear in the later release and everyone who gets it and lets me know will receive a special mention in A Sacred Journey!

Of course that distinction is only good for a limited time, so be mindful of that! I'll be posting soon with information on how to get your name in the next book!

I also need your help! The book will be available on Amazon as a trade paperback and on Kindle as an eBook. So I need all of you, my dear readers, to get your copy, read it and then write a review! I'll even post a poll here on the site when the book comes out. That way you guys can rate the book on a scale to give me an idea of how good it is!

I NEED feedback! The book is finished, but the adventure is just starting. I'll take your feedback and apply it to my writing in future installments, so be prolific!

And don't worry. I've got links to purchase the book coming soon! And you can get your preview of the book for just $1 here on my site! It's the first 25 chapters, which is pretty sizable, but that will end as soon as the full version comes out!

I can't stress enough how excited I am to be moving forward with this! I want to thank you all in advance and let the adventure begin!

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