Friday, July 3, 2015

Woman, Respect Your Husband

I'm a white dude from Georgia. I couldn't be a more politically incorrect author for a post called Woman, Respect Your Husband! But alas, bold and outspoken fellow that I am, I'm writing it anyway.

I can see the comments now.
So I suppose we can begin by defining what respect means. Good ol' Webster defines respect as a particular way of thinking about someone or something. It also describes it as a feeling of admiration. But that can't be right, can it? Is respect a feeling? Is respect a mindset? I thought respect is the way you treat someone.

Alright. Let's take a look at these three questions as we dive in.

Is Respect a Feeling?
Well, yeah. Sort of. When we talk of having respect for someone, we are talking about how we feel toward them. Namely, we're describing the feeling of admiration. We look at them as someone who is good. We can trust them. At least that is what we feel. But how on earth can someone choose their feelings? That's ridiculous. Feelings and emotions are circumstantial and impossible to control. All we can do is control our expression of them. Right?

Is Respect a Mindset?
Absolutely. The Bible tells us on several occasions to lead our hearts and to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. It describes the heart as wicked and deceitful. So what is the conclusion to draw? Well, it is that if we change our mindset, change our way of thinking, then we will also change the heart and by extension, our feelings. So with respect being a mindset, we understand that it is possible for a woman to have feelings of respect for her husband. But what if you can't change your mind? And isn't that verse talking about the way we look at God? We'll get to that.

I Thought Respect is How You Treat Someone?
Nope. You're thinking of showing respect. When a woman respects her husband, it is an inner happening. When a woman shows respect to her husband, it is an outward expression of the internal state.

Alright. Now What?
Well, I'm certain by now you've noticed the flaw in this article. A woman should not blindly respect someone. That is why this passage is just as much for men as it is for women!
A man ought to behave himself in a manner worthy of respect. By doing so, he will lead his wife into the mindset of respecting him and her new mindset will lead her heart. And from the heart flow all other things.
A woman can only and will only show respect for someone she genuinely respects. This makes it all the more crucial for a man to be the example. He must be loving and worthy of respect. By failing to do so, he passively leads his wife to sin - to not obey the Scripture in respecting her husband.

I'll come back later to discuss a man's love for his wife. In the meantime, this has been a short blurb. Thanks for reading. 

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