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You might be wondering what Uruun-Seiir means. You may not be. Well, in honor of my forthcoming novel, The Romance of the Seventh Dhalmir: A Violent Infinity, I decided to give you guys a bit of backstory!

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Uruun-Seiir is the universe as created first by Umbhali and then sustained by the song of the Hahbiid throughout the ages. Umbhali first created the world of Uruun-Seiir by forming it from his own the ought. Here is an excerpt from the book:

Here is the account of Uruun-Seiir and how it was at the start of all things. What follows are the records of the first age and then the Dhalmir which was at the end of the seventh generation. It began in darkness.
Before the start of the first age, when nothing was and nothing had yet been, Umbhali formed from his own thought the Hahbiid to house his essence in Uruun-Seiir. And Umbhali formed the seven Keepers to guard the sacred colors of the Hahbid and to sing its song. The Keepers were:
Djuun, the Keeper of the Red wisp, which was of Power; Geit, Keeper of the Orange wisp of Courage; Yazh, the Yellow which is the great Knowledge; Rhaz, Keeper of the Green wisp for Healing; Qor, Keeper of the Blue wisp of all Wisdom; Haan, who was Keeper over the Indigo wisp of divine Sight; and finally there was Phau the Keeper of the wisp of Loyalty, which is Purple.

It was by thought that Umbhali first created Uruun-Seiir and it was by his decisive will that realized it. This was just after he had created the Hahbiid, which is the sacred song, and he formed the seven Keepers to hold the seven sacred colors and to sing the song of the Hahbiid in harmony. It is this song which sustains the world throughout the ages.

As mentioned above, the seven Keepers are:
And each Keeper has their own part to sing. The song of the Hahbiid is unutterable by mortal men, but it has been heard since the dawn of Uruun-Seiir.

For more about Uruun-Seiir and the song of the Hahbiid, check out my book, which is currently doing really well with reviewers! Thanks so much, guys!

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